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Dear diary,
I feel like I’m in freezer tonight. The sky is dark and now is raining. Last time I decided to go to my room. I thought that I could feel warm if I stay in here. I’m sitting now and want to tell you something scary in my last holiday.

I went to Bossccha’s Villa on September 2015 with Cimahi Production’s crew film, (I did my side job last holiday, exactly I’m a freelancer). We left from basecamp at 01:00 a.m and arrived at Bosscha’s Villa at 05:00 a.m, we went there by car and stayed for 3 days.

We had planned to make a horror film before. I took a part as an Art Director in this film. I made a concept of art such as managed property, managed talent’s costume, and arranged their appearance on camera.
Securities in Bosscha’s Villa said that we had to stopped our activities at 11:30 p.m, we had to slept and did’nt do anything. We asked them “Why we should do that?” they answered “That’s ghosts activities times”.

At first night, we forgot that “wejagan” from the securities. We did’nt stop our activities and we decided to take a rest at 01:00 a.m.

You know?! Suddenly one of us was screaming hardly, he said “AAAAA…” we were shocking at that time “What happen with him?” I said to my self. The man said “I need dupa give me, I need dupa give me that…” his eyes was getting red. I went to my room and found my another friend was being possesed. She laid on a bed and trying hard for attacked “something that I could’nt see”, I whispered some surah from a holy quran to her ears. Some people who have a sixsence handled that moment, and everything was done at 02:00 a.m.

That was my scariest experience that I ever had, and this is my impress experience that I will never forget. I’m shaking now and I’m feeling something strange in here, so I think I should going to sleep. Good night my diary, someday I will tell you another story of me. Byebye~


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